CSIR NET Marking Scheme for Life Sciences

If you are a Life Science teacher looking to work in Indian colleges and universities then you must pass the CSIR UGC NET examination that is held every year to select deserving candidates for the post of junior research fellow and lecturer and work in Indian colleges. While preparing for this tough examination one must keep in mind the marking scheme and prepare accordingly. 

The Marking Scheme of Life Sciences is as follows:

The Life Sciences test comprises 120 questions totalling 200 CSIR NET points. The Life Science paper’s grading criteria are as follows:

Part A: Students must respond to 15 of the section’s 20 questions. Correct responses earn two points, while incorrect ones cost one point. The research ability, School Analytics, logical reasoning, and analysis skills are all put to the test in this section, which is worth 30 marks.

Part B . Students must respond to 35 out of the 50 questions in Part B. For correct responses, students receive two points; for a false one, one receives zero points. One’s fundamental understanding of the life sciences will be tested in this area, worth 70 points.

Part C: Students must respond to 25 of the 75 questions. Students receive 4 points for the correct response but lose 1 point for each incorrect one. One’s scientific knowledge will be tested in this area, worth 100 points.