Important Topics for Preparation of CSIR NET

Preparing for a competitive exam demands both diligence and intelligence. You must make sure to focus more on vital subjects while also continuously learning. Although covering the complete syllabus is ideal, you should pay closer attention to the most important subjects. You can ace  CSIR  NET Examination with ease if you have thoroughly studied the key ideas.

Essential Topics for Life Sciences: Important Topics for Life sciences for preparation for CSIR NET Examination are as follows:

  • Ecosystem, energy pyramid, vaccines, separation and analytical technique in RNA and DNA
  • Cell communication, structure and interactions, and cancerous genes
  • Pathways for protein transportation, cellular fractionation, and membrane structure, composition, and functions.
  • Structure of amino acids, their behaviour and properties, stabilizing bonds between proteins and RNA, inhibition processes in enzyme kinetics, ETP and ATC Synthesis, lipid and carbohydrates structures
  • Structure of chromosomes, DNA sequences, School Analytics, microbial diseases, and their growth and stress conditions
  • Egg and sperm fusion, Gastrulation and Gametogenesis, formation of limbs, sex determination, double fertilization, and leaf development
  • Binomial nomenclature, bacterial diseases, and parasites
  • Cardiac cycle, ECG graph, and neurotransmitters