CSIR NET Marking Scheme for Mathematical Sciences

CSIR NET Examination is a national-level examination which is held by the National Testing Agency for the post of Junior Research Fellowship and Lecturer in Indian colleges and universities. One of the subjects for which the students prepare is mathematical sciences. While preparing for the examination the students must be aware of the marking scheme and do preparation accordingly. The marking scheme tells which portions have more weightage and which portions carry negative markings.

The marking scheme for mathematical sciences is as follows :

There are 120 questions total on the CSIR NET test for mathematical sciences, worth 200 points. Here is a breakdown of the grading criteria for the mathematical science paper:

Part A: There are 20 questions in this portion, and you must answer 15 of them. You will receive two points for correct answers while losing one point for incorrect ones. This section receives a total score of 30. The majority of the questions are from general science, School Management System, aptitude for research, and rational thought and analysis topics.

Part B consists of 40 questions that you must respond to. You receive 3 marks for the proper response and 0.75 for the incorrect one. This section will have a total score of 75. The questions assess your understanding of fundamental

Part C: There are 60 questions in this area, and you must respond to 20 of them. You will receive 4.75 marks for the correct answers. There are no deducting points for incorrect answers in this part; you will receive full points for all that are correct. The section carries 95 points. The questions are intended to assess your understanding of science.