Detailed syllabus of Mathematics

I. Indices: Multiplication and division of numbers on equal bases, Laws of Indices.

II. Algebraic expressions: Addition, Subtraction, School Analytics, Multiplication & Division, Identities

III. Equations: Simple linear equation.

IV. Square & Square Root

V. Cube & Cube Root

VI. Factors: factors of simple algebraic expressions

VII. Interest: Simple interest, Compound interest, Profit – Loss.

VIII. Ratio and Proportion: Division into proportional parts, Fraction.

IX. Percentage: Birth and Death rate, Population growth, Depreciation

X. Plane figures: Triangles, Congruence of Triangles, Quadrilaterals, and Circle.

XI. Area and Perimeter of Plane figure Triangles, Rectangles, Parallelograms, and Trapeziums.

XII. Surface Area and Volume: cube, cuboid, and right circular cylinder.

XIII. Lines and Angles: Line segment, straight and curved lines, types of angles.

XIV. Statistics: collection and classification of data, frequency distribution table, Tally marks, bar graph and histogram, circular graph (Pai diagram).

XV. Graph: Various types of graphs.

XVI. Problems of Teaching

XVII. Nature of Mathematics/Logical thinking

XVII. Place of Mathematics in Curriculum

XIX. Language of Mathematics

XX. Community Mathematics

XXI. Evaluation

XXII. Remedial Teaching

XXIII. Probability