Educational Toys

Educational toys are learning objects for children, where they can gain their basic knowledge in the most playful and fun manner. These toys are usually made for kids from the age range of 2-5 years old. These toys are developed with the intention to meet an educational purpose for children, School Analytics, such as learning a particular skill or teaching them about a particular subject.

Educational toys provide a great service in child development, such as:

  • Nurturing their imagination
  • Helping them with social and communication skills
  • Encouraging self-regulation
  • Building their body confidence and balance
  • Increases their agility
  • Strengthen their fine and gross motor skills

There are several types of educational toys available in the market. Some of them are:

  1. Sensory toys: These toys help n enhancing a child’s senses and help them process information about their surroundings or environment. 
  2. Movement toys: These toys help children in their locomotory movements and teach them how to use their bodies and hence increasing their sense of balance.
  3. Construction toys: These toys help children to create and build, thus strengthening their creative thinking and problem-solving skills.

Some examples of educational toys are wooden rockers, toy blocks, and musical instruments.