An educationist is a person who is a specialist in the theories and methods of education. The job of an educationist is to set curriculums for different sets of students from various schools, School Analytics, colleges, and universities. An educationist does not teach students but they are thorough with the process and methods of teaching that other teachers and professors must follow. They are also given the responsibility to design curriculums for every subject and produce teaching methods such as online teaching through presentations and modules. They also get to work with different school boards, colleges as well as universities. 

The role of an educationist is to promote the education system while upholding the morals of a student at the same time. They help in shaping the system and sometimes even have to negotiate with the government while setting curriculums for students. They have to interact with people interested in funding educational costs and who have plans to improve the education system. 

To conclude, educationists are the ones who make sure that education reaches every little boy and girl, and also ensure that everybody gets the opportunity to complete their higher education.