Factors Affecting Learning

During learning, a child may be unable to cope with the studies due to various factors. Some styles can make it difficult for a child to learn, or they may have issues with themselves. True, learning is not as simple as it sounds, as it is affected by various factors linked to the process, content, School Management System, teacher, and student. Here are some of the factors that influence learning –

Personal factors involve the learner in the process. Everyone has their mental level, and not everyone has the same potential to learn. Those who are slow learners have low intelligence. Therefore, they face issues doing schoolwork.

Environmental factors consist of teacher-related factors. Such as knowledge of the subject, teaching skills, personality, and ability to manage the class or learners.

Lastly, process-related factors involve methods of teaching to get appropriate outcomes. For example, sharing the status of progress in learning, learning by doing, and selecting the right method.