First-generation Students

First-generation students are the kind of children who are the first among their families to get into a stream of the formal education process. They usually belong to a lower income group of people whose parents spend their lives earning for their family. However, for them, it is a priority to get their children into the field of education rather than again getting them some petty employment and continuing the poverty cycle.

As per Harvard Business School, the following are the categories of the first-generation student-

1. Students who are the first in the entire family to attend schooling

2. Students who are the first in their family to get graduated

3. Students who are the second sibling in their family to attend college

4. Students having just one parent to have completed the graduation course of a four-year duration

5. Students identifying themselves with first-generation experience

There are many which provide a first-generation program for first-generation students. With the introduction of online education and getting free material from various share resources from universities and colleges worldwide, it is becoming significantly easier for the student to access education. Also, there is a decrease in the overall cost of attaining an education

Here, students can sit in the comfort of their homes and then complete education at a foreign university at a very nominal rate which saves the cost of going to the institute, spending price on accommodation, and then other expenses. learn more about School Management System.