Flipped Learning In a Modern Classroom

Flipped learning is one of the most interesting innovations in the modern classroom. It is based on the concept that utilizing class time for small group activities and personalized attention helps pupils learn more successfully. Teachers then distribute lecture notes and demonstrations to students to watch at home or outside of class, emphasizing active learning. 

Flipped learning motivates teachers to update established techniques and incorporate new technology into their classrooms by using video, audio, and other smart tools.

Goals of Flipping

  • Creating an active learning and teaching environment.
  • To allow students to study at their speed.
  • To provide the instructor more time to educate each student individually rather than the entire class. 

The flipped classroom is here to stay. Their effectiveness throughout the epidemic demonstrated that this instructional technique can defy time and place, providing exceptional versatility for all involved.

Even after returning to 100 percent in-person teaching, many teachers continue to include bits & pieces of the flipped classroom. They are employing video and multimedia assets outside of class to enrich and increase the educational experience in class. learn more about Learning Management System.