Head of the Department Importance

The HOD is the establishment’s department head, who is in charge of overseeing and managing that specific division. For ease and convenience, it is frequently shortened to and called HOD. In India, technical colleges are where the majority of those with the title “Head of The Department” work. Every branch of engineering that is taught in engineering colleges, including mechanical, civil, electrical, computer science, and electronics engineering, has a head of the department. They are responsible for taking care of the department’s requirements as well as those of the faculty and students who work there. In  medical colleges, HODs are assigned to oversee specific departments like paediatrics, radiology, intensive medicine, dentistry, psychiatry, gynaecology, etc

Only someone with extensive experience and knowledge in that field will be appointed Head of The Department at a specific institution. This is because assuming the position of HOD requires them to teach in addition to performing administrative duties, which can only be done when they have sufficient expertise in both. Therefore, the college/institution will feel compelled to provide such a huge duty to someone who is knowledgeable about that department’s operations.

The senior HODs may also be called upon when there is some diagnosis of a rare case and the line of treatment needs to be decided. In engineering college, they may be involved in new sci-fi projects and may guide students to make new breakthrough inventions in technology