Hindi Stories

The Hindi language has been a point of connection for most Indians within the country and in the international sphere. It has led to popular folklore, epics, art, and subjects in schools and colleges being narrated in the Hindi language.

As per the data provided by Census 2011, Hindi is spoken by around 43% of Indians, with over 25% of people using the language as their mother tongue. As students, we get to interact more in Hindi through the stories of our friends, family, teachers, and many other people around us. However, the lessons in schools on Hindi stories have impacted most of us. 

Students love learning new things, and what better than getting to know it all in the form of stories in a language that we have grown up hearing? Not only the characters from the Hindi stories, but the lessons learned impacted them and remained with them for life.  

Some of the famous Hindi stories that are still loved are-

  1. KabuliwalaThe story by Rabindranath Tagore about a Pathan from Kabul, making his living in Calcutta (modern-day Kolkata) and his interaction with a five-year-old girl Mini has been part of many curriculum to date. 
  2. Bade Ghar Ki Beti The story by Munshi Premchand, one of the gems in the Hindi language manifests living life in a joint family. 
  3. Panchtantra– Originally written in Sanskrit, the popular fables collection has now become a part of story-telling. The stories about wildlife and wilderness convey a lot to the audience through simple and caring writing.