Detailed syllabus for Language I Paper

(A) Hindi Language

1. Given below are grammatical questions from an unread passage:-

Word knowledge, indigenous, similar, tadbhav, foreign words. Prefix, suffix, conjunction, and compound. Synonyms, antonyms, synonyms. Noun, adverb, pronoun, School Management System, adjective, a word for a phrase, word purification.

2. Question from an unread passage on the given below points:-

To clarify the meaning of the underlined words, tense, to know the word, gender. Change of tense and gender of given words. Hindi forms of Rajasthani words

3. Sentence structure, types of sentences, parts of sentences, phrases, idioms and proverbs, and punctuation marks.

4. Language teaching methods, development of language proficiency, approaches to language teaching.

5. Development of Linguistic Skills (Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing) Teaching Learning Materials, Challenges in Teaching Hindi Language, Multi-media and other teaching resources, Text Books.

6. Evaluation in language teaching, holistic and continuous evaluation, construction of achievement tests, remedial teaching.

(B) English Language

1. Unseen Prose Passage

Synonyms, Antonyms, Spellings, Word-formation, One Word Substitution

2. Unseen Prose Passage

Parts of Speech, Tenses, Determiners, Change of Degrees

3. Framing Questions Including Wh-questions, Knowledge of English Sounds and Phonetic Symbols, Active and Passive Voice, Narration,

4. Principles of Teaching English, Methods, and Approaches to English Language Teaching

5. Multi-media Materials, Development of Language Skills, Teaching Learning Materials: Textbooks, and other resources

6. Assessment, Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation, and Evaluation in Language.