Importance of Math Notes

Having worked-out examples in your notes is helpful, but knowing the “logic” behind each line is also crucial. I’ve seen that my pupils who struggle with arithmetic but do well in other subjects might benefit by taking notes the same way they do in the latter. Differentiating, this approach emphasizes helping students internalize the logic, principles, and rationale behind each arithmetic issue. Having the students explain their reasoning is a terrific method to get them ready for geometry proofs and can be quite insightful. Writing an essay in English or History requires you to reference or quote from much literature. To demonstrate that you didn’t “break math law,” you need to understand the rule you used to solve the issue. Having the issue written down isn’t always helpful. That reminds me, we have some reading and writing assignments to do. To ensure that you have internalized the material covered in class, it is important to put your newfound knowledge to use by solving problems at home. Students may refer to their notes if they feel lost. learn more about School Analytics.