Importance of midterm examination

Midterm examinations are usually a form of evaluation undertaken in the middle of the ongoing school or class to test the children’s learning outcomes. This test enables the percentage of understanding and learning the student gains midway through an academic term. In other words, it is a formative assessment that assesses students’ knowledge of the course materials. Unlike quizzes, tests, or weekly exams, a midterm exam is crucial and has a bigger impact on the student’s overall grades. The format may vary for every educational institution basis. Normally, there are multiple-choice questions, short-answer essay types, School Analytics, or fill-in-the-blanks. Moreover, it depends on the course’s professor whether to take the midterm from home or in class.

As midterm help students acknowledge and determine their progress so far in the class, they also aid in preparing the student for the final examination. Besides, it also determines the key subject areas where the student needs to improve to prepare for the final exam. Depending on the course, the midterm of a single subject carries around 5% of the final grade, while some can count 20%. As every student has a unique way of understanding and learning style, no preparation method works for everyone. Every student prepares at their own pace and own style.