Learning commons

A Learning Commons is a designated area in libraries that encourages collaborative learning. It must meet a set of criteria to be considered as one: 

1. Encourage collaboration by fostering an equitable partnership.

2. Ensure that learning can take place outside of the classroom.

3. Provide students with the tools they need to manage their own learning.

Learning commons emphasize creativity, cooperation, innovation, and the potential to improve teaching and learning results. 

The workspaces come with all of the necessary tools for collaborative learning. These learning aids help students learn effectively and offer a massive and diverse learning opportunity. It stresses the use of technology and knowledge development in the sector. It also covers logical reasoning, problem-solving, solution orientation, information acquisition, Learning Management System and exposure to technology.

It’s vital to note that a Learning Commons facility does not replace a school library in its entirety. It comprises a series of activities in which anybody can engage, from teachers and students to experts, librarians, and anyone involved in the educational or library process.