Learning Pathway

A learning pathway is an interactive way of learning a particular course, where the sequence of learning is left at the learner’s discretion. In this method, the tutor/teacher does not decide the series of learning methodologies. The emphasis is on the result of the learning experience compared to the process involved.

Learning pathways focus on personalised courses for every student rather than adapting to the “one course fits all” approach. It is mainly applied to e-learning tools that are more user-friendly and use artificial intelligence to reveal the path a learner follows through the particular course.

Learning pathways also help determine the behaviour of individual learning in situational circumstances. Different students interact differently with the course structure,Learning Management System, making it flexible in choosing it. They are complete as the students generally tend to follow the path shown to them. But at any time, they can choose to take their approach on the learning road.

It leads you from a beginner level to an expert level, just like in games. Learning pathways are part of some academic syllabus that allows the learner to earn credits, grades, rank, or certification depending on the institution offering it. The vast popularity of the learning pathways encourages institutions to apply them in traditional learning and e-learning methods.