Learning Resources

This applies to teaching and learning materials. To ensure that students are fully engaged in their learning, teachers use a variety of fun and engaging tools to teach the concepts covered in the course. Such resources or materials can help students liven up their learning experience and make learning more fun, engaging and interactive. They are tools used in educational activities, including active learning and assessment. Instructional materials or resources are materials that teachers can use to provide instruction and help students achieve educational goals. Both teachers and students can use these resources to gain more knowledge about a particular topic. Today, the choice of teaching aids or resources is large. It’s not just about books or classrooms. Students can seek learning from various available online resources like videos etc. This is called informal learning. 1. Watching videos is another great form of informal education. In the 21st century, individuals can find videos and information on almost any topic. 2- Reading blogs and articles can also increase the knowledge of a student or student. It can also be called non-formal education. learn more about Admission Management.