Macro-Teaching Lesson Plan

The English word ‘macro’ is derived from the Greek word ‘makros’. The word’s definition is big, long, tall, or large.

Macro Lesson Plan is a type of curriculum-based lesson plan that is constructed by a teacher or institution to teach a particular topic for a long time such as a full month, a full semester, or an entire academic year. A macro is a framework for the course curriculum that will be taught to students. The strategy is divided into a timeline that spans the entire course in a series of lessons. It responds to the subject’s what, why, when, and how questions. Macro lesson plans are created to help with the teaching and learning process as well as to create a more effective record of regular teaching progress.

To make the teaching process or teaching-Learning Management System activities more interesting and simple, macro lesson plans are used. Preparatory work of such lesson plans gives a clear and efficient idea of ​​identifying the required materials for teaching and providing the materials. A lot of issues that may arise from the students’ end while teaching the chosen subject can be anticipated in advance, allowing you to be prepared to solve any problems that may arise. Macro lesson plans can play a crucial role in uncovering and implementing effective and relatively advanced teaching methods and techniques to achieve the educational objectives of the subject.