Maths Trick Question

If you are bad at maths then this is not your fault dear. Previously due to restricted methods, all the tricks and tips are not taught in class but thanks to technology and science the education system is also evolving, and thus the methods of teaching are also changing widely.

So, are you ready for some great trick to boost your math calculations? Given below are some simple math tricks that can help you accomplish calculations more rapidly and easily.

Tip counting

If you need to leave a 15% tip, there is a simple way to calculate how much it is. Calculate 10% (divide the number by 10), and then add the resultant number to its half and get the correct answer.

Subtract from 1000

Apply this simple rule: subtract from 9 all digits except the last one, and then subtract the last digit from 10.

Quick squaring

This method will benefit you to square a two-digit number, which ends with 5. Multiply the 1st digit by itself + 1, and then add 25 at the last.

Complex multiplication

To multiply large numbers, one of them being even, you can simply rearrange them to get the correct answer.

Multiplication by 5

Divide the whole number by 2. If the answer is an integer, add a 0 at the end. If not, ignore all the commas and directly add 5 at the end. learn more about Learning Management System.