NCERT Exemplar in Education

The NCERT Exemplar was introduced by the National Council of Educational Research and Training Organization to help students develop problem-solving skills and solve HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) questions in competitive exams. The NCERT Specimen book provides several high-level application-based questions, such as MC-Quests, Short Answer Questions, etc., to fully solve and understand concepts.

Unlike other books focusing on building foundations, the NCERT sample solution focuses on building knowledge and helps students gain a deeper understanding of concepts. Subject-matter experts author sample NCERT notes and worksheets. The NCERT Exemplar is an NCERT book that contains additional curriculum-related questions.

NCERT sample books are available for science and math subjects only. NCERT examples are designed to help students familiarize themselves with advanced-level concepts. These sample answers and questions are very helpful in preparing for the CBSE exam. It is important to first fully understand the NCERT book concepts before starting to solve the NCERT examples. learn more about Learning Management System.