National Council for Teacher Education

The National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) was founded in 1993 by the National Council for Teacher Education Act. The goal of the NCTE is to strengthen the Indian educational system. This council aims to empower teacher education for both the state and the federal government. The NCTE’s primary goal is to ensure that the country’s teacher education system develops in a coordinated manner.

It also plans to oversee and correctly maintain teacher education standards by training candidates for primary, secondary, and senior secondary school levels. Adult education and distance education courses are also included. A four-year comprehensive NCTE curriculum is in place to provide professional development for teachers.

The National Council for Teacher Education is headquartered in New Delhi, with four regional committees (NRC, SRC, WRC, and ERC) overseeing its statutory functions. The NCTE in Delhi, as well as it is four Regional Committees, have administrative and academic wings to deal with finance, establishment, and legal matters, as well as research, policy planning, monitoring, curriculum, innovations, co-ordination, library, and documentation, in order for the National Council for Teacher Education to perform its assigned functions, which include planned and coordinated development and initiating innovations in teacher education. learn more about Digital Content.