BA B.Ed Integrated Course

BA B.Ed. is a four-year integrated course that contains both theoretical classes and internships. The BA B.Ed. the integrated program combines the BA (Bachelor of Arts) and the B.Ed (Bachelor of Education). ABA is an undergraduate degree that can be obtained after completing 10+2. This is a postgraduate degree. Candidates who wish to apply must have completed an undergraduate degree program in any specialization. The main focus of this program is on ‘learning by doing as well as classroom instruction. The undergraduate course is divided into four years and provides detailed knowledge in subjects related to Art and Professional Studies. Students gain experience in good communication and teaching through this course. 

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education is abbreviated as BA B.Ed. It is a dual-degree integrated program that focuses on developing candidates’ teaching skills. Students interested in this course will go through four years of rigorous training both in and out of the classroom. They will mature into professionals capable of teaching at any secondary or senior secondary level in Indian School Management System. When selecting a college to pursue this degree, ensure that it is accredited by the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) or another comparable organization.