No Dues Certificate in Education

No dues certificate is a clearance certificate for a person who tends to leave an organization after spending a period of your time. The certificate is issued to an employee who is resigning from the corporate, private or government, declaring that he has no due against him pending and is clear to depart the office. This certificate indicates a full and final settlement for the worker against his employer.

No dues certificate is additionally issued to students studying in class and college after they complete their course and leave the institute. This certificate implies that the scholars don’t have any pending fees to be paid with relevancy to any department, like a library, Digital Content, laboratories, etc. Hence, they’re unengaged to leave with no restrictions.

Students who have completed their term in schools or have completed degrees like BE/BTech/BSc. etc., must get no dues to a certificate from their institutes. With this certificate, they’re absolved from moving to the other institute without restrictions. The coed won’t face any troubles while leaving the institute and can be issued with all the respective documents submitted to the institute once they are taking admissions. Hence, they’ll take admissions to other colleges or universities for higher studies.

The format of the certificate of no dues for college students is going to be having the subsequent details:

·   Student’s Name

·   Roll Number

·   School of study

·   Year of admission

·   Date of leaving

·   Address of student

·   Contact number

·   Email id

·   Bank details of scholars (for a refund of security deposit)

·   Date

·   Signature of student