Non Teaching staff

Non-teaching staff work in administrative and other departments in the school but do not teach the students. They also provide various services that, while not directly related to the kids’ curriculum, considerably enhance their overall school experience. 

One example of a non-teaching staff is a school bus driver. Schools, School Analytics and universities frequently have buses that run along various routes across the city to transport students to and from school. As a result, school bus drivers and conductors are considered non-teaching staff.

Another crucial non-teaching staff member that deserves recognition is the school nurse. The school nurse’s job is to look after pupils who have accidents at school and to ensure that they feel safe and comfortable while on campus. 

Non-teaching staff are a vital part of school administration and success. Accounts, Human Resources, Cleaning Staff, Marketing and Communications are all integral parts of the modern school system that contribute to the educational and overall experience of students and parents.