Online Education Quotes

·   “Online education is like a rising tide, it’s going to lift all boats.” – Anant Agarwal

·   “Online learning can be a lifeline to all those who have obstacles, such as geographical distances or physical disabilities” – Paul Levinson

·   “Online learning is not the next big thing, it is a now big thing” – Donna J. Abernathy

·   “Talk to people. Connect with them. Make the e-learning sound like it’s a conversation between people. Real people, not robots.” – Cammy Bean

·   “People expect to be bored by e-learning- let’s show them it doesn’t have to be like that.” – Cammy Bean

·   “Students who take online classes must be motivated, independent learners.” – Andrew Simoncelli

·   “Exciting graphics…..pull your learners in, and meaningful interactions make the learning memorable and effective.” – Tim Slade

·   “We need to bring learning to people instead of people to learning” – Elliot Masie

·   “Not everyone fits into the traditional school model, School Management System, and the online program provides another way for us to meet the diverse and often unique needs of our students.” – Pete Chapin