Parent-Teacher Meeting

A parent-teacher meeting is a brief meeting or conference between a student’s parents and teachers to discuss a child’s academic or behavioural progress and to find solutions to those problems. In parent-teacher conferences, School Management System, the formers are handed the report card of their wards which comprises information on students’ specific weaknesses and strengths in individual subjects and summarising the level of inter-curricular competencies and skills. 

These meetings can be weekly or monthly depending on the school management. Apart from the discussion on a student’s academic progress or weakness, teachers also tend to talk about several etiquettes that are to be maintained by the students within the school premises, that parents too should be aware of. Parents should also be attentive to their interactions during the meeting.

There are certain etiquettes and courtesies that parents should be aware of during parent-teacher meetings.

  • Parents should be on time for the meeting. It is not nice to keep the teachers waiting.
  • Parents should make a note of things that they wish to inform the teachers.
  • Before the meeting, parents must talk to their daughters or sons about any kind of problem that they might be facing in school.
  • Parents must have a gentle, soft, and respectful approach toward the teachers.