Research Methodology

A research methodology is a statement of how a certain piece of research is conducted. It specifies the methods or procedures for collecting and analysing the data related to a given research topic. As a result, research technique refers to how a researcher designs the study in such a manner that they can achieve valid and trustworthy data while also meeting their research objectives.

Types of research methodologies:

The following are the three most common research methodologies:

Qualitative Methodology:

Qualitative research entails using words and textual material to conduct research. This type of research method is commonly used in exploratory research to study a research problem that is not precisely defined. It is useful for understanding complex concepts, perceptions, body language, views, and even visual information.

Quantitative Methodology:

Quantitative research is based on numeric value measurement and verification. This type of research methodology is often used when the research objectives are predictive, as opposed to qualitative research, which is more exploratory.

Mixed-Methods Methodology:

As the name implies, mixed-method methodology integrates qualitative and quantitative approaches to blend their strengths and create rich outcomes.

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