SCERT full form in education

The State Council for Educational Research and Training, Govt. of West Bengal (SCERT, WB) under the Department of School Education, the Government of West Bengal, guided by the promotion of innovations through its practices, carries out specific tasks for the improvement of the quality of school education in West Bengal. The SCERT (WB) aims to provide dynamic and participatory interactions between teacher educators and teachers at different stages of school education on issues ranging from planning, research and action research to extension and evaluation. Most of the activities carried out by SCERT (WB) are innovative in their various facets.

SCERT was established as a postgraduate research and training institute in terms of GO No. 712-Edn (CS) of 21.05.1980 and operates under the Department of School Education, Learning Management System, GoWB under GO n. 7-Edn (P) of 25.02. From 1993 till now to undertake specific tasks for the improvement of school education quality in West Bengal. It is not autonomous like the NCERT, nor a directorate, but a component of the school education department like its various other components, headed by a director.