School database

A school database is a repository of a large information set related to students, staff, teachers, school management, and other processes involved in a school. The schools must handle a massive amount of student data to manage school methods. School management databases help to consolidate information in one place in an online mode that can be accessed by multiple people. The physical handling of data is tedious, saves a lot of paperwork, and prevents mishandling. The online database can be used to organise data in a centralised manner so that you can easily access, edit, or update data.

School database helps in:

  • Coordination and communication
  • Efficient management of schools
  • Attendance management of students and school staff
  • Transportation management
  • Timetable access at one point

Various processes have been streamlined after the introduction of the school database as considerable time is reduced. Admissions that required one to stand in long queues have been simplified, and the database is generally secured and helps in one-point access. eduTinker also provides single-point communication and database processing for all the stakeholders like students, parents, teachers, and school management. To know more about our products, please visit our website: www.edutinker.com