Speech Writing

Speech writing refers to conveying a message or thought to a reader with the help of correct punctuation and expression. Speech writing is not different from other narrative writing, but there are different punctuation and writing structure techniques that students should understand. Speeches are commonly used to form public addresses made by politicians. These are a form of persuasive writing. An effective way to start a speech in English is to set the tone with the rest of your speech. There are numerous ways to start a speech in a lesson. For example, a rhetorical question is a figure of speech that comes in the form of a question and makes a point instead of seeking an answer. Moreover, the rhetorical question may give an obvious answer, but the questioner asks to emphasize the point. Next, you can use statistics which reinforce the speaker’s authority and knowledge of a topic. Lastly, setting up an imaginary scene to persuade your audience will help you speak to create a fictional scene in their minds. learn more about Learning Management System.