Study Strategy for REET

The REET Levels 1 and 2 could be held in specific sessions. According to the REET examination pattern 2022, each Level comprises 150 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) of one mark each. In Level 1, the questions are requested from Mathematics, Child Development, and Pedagogy, Language I, Language II, School Analytics, and Environmental Science (EVS). On the alternative hand, Level 2 contains questions from Child Development and Pedagogy, Language I, Language II, Mathematics & Science, or Social Studies/ Social Science section. Candidates can test below some standard hints and tricks to crack the REET examination.

• Track your preparation through practising mock test series and previous year’s question papers of both Levels

• Analyse the already solved preceding years’ question Levels to realize your weak and robust areas

• Do not forget about any topic, strive to finish the whole syllabus

• Revise the essential subjects which can be highly predicted in the examination

• Try to attempt questions with accuracy in the examination

• Do not spend much time in a single section, divide your time according to the extent of the sections in the examination