Full form of EVS

EVS is a very common acronym; the full English form is “environmental studies.” As the name implies, it is the study of the environment, which includes the impact of global warming, pollutants in the air, air-conditioning, and the situation of everything living in the earth’s atmosphere about environmental situations and crises.

EVS as a topic covers a wide range of topics and aims to teach students about daily life in the earth’s atmosphere. The environmental components include everything that directly or indirectly supports life on Earth, including living things like plants, animals, and insects and non-living things like soil, air, and water. As a result of globalization, man-made habitats, and capitalism, pollutant levels are rising at an alarming rate, causing pollution in most of the air and layers of the earth’s atmosphere, School Analytics, land, and, most notably, water, rendering it inappropriate for marine life. Because of deforestation, they are also reducing the natural habitat of animals and birds. It has contributed to the extinction of many marine and land species, and several of them are becoming rare and are on the verge of extinction. This has disrupted nature’s environmental cycle.