Teacher’s Day

Teachers are admired and respected for their crucial role in influencing students’ lives. Teachers’ day is celebrated in India every year on September 5th, and this day is the birthday of Dr S Radhakrishnan, the former President of India. 

This is a day to honour our teachers’ contributions. Teachers are the ones who have true expertise, sensitivity, and kindness for their students

A teacher is someone who inspires individuals of all ages. They are responsible for raising public awareness and instilling values among people, specifically their students, by establishing values, morality, and ethics. Their achievements are recognised during the teacher’s day, and they build brains, and we celebrate their commitment to society’s progress every year on this day. However, International Teachers Day is also celebrated on October 5th every year. 

Even though the day has been observed in India since 1964, it has been restricted to its borders. More than three decades ago, it took the United Nations to recognise that this day should be celebrated globally as World Teachers’ Day.

Teachers have a variety of roles in students’ overall development, including:

Every country’s progress heavily relies on teachers. Teachers have enormous responsibilities in raising children, and having their day recognised is a step toward acknowledging their profession and the role they play in society. learn more about School Management System.