Transfer Certificate (TC)

A transfer certificate is a proof that shows a student has left an institution. This document is issued by the head of the institution. It consists of a student’s personal information such as parents’ name, academic records, the course that the student has studied in that same situation, date of birth, fee details, and job experience. 

A transfer certificate also ensures that a person gets enrolled in another school or college. It also works as an assurance to the new institution that the person has cleared all their examinations and dues in the previous institution. 

One has to submit an application form to apply for a transfer certificate, School Management System, which  must have the following important points included in it:

  • It must mention the reason very clearly why a student is applying for a transfer certificate.
  • The student must request for the transfer certificate and mention vividly why the certificate is so important to them. 
  • Lastly, the student must mention the date by when they want the transfer certificate to be issued. 

Hence, a transfer certificate fulfills the purpose of releasing a student from their institution, so that they can join a new one.