Trial and Error Method

The trial and error method is a problem-solving method where multiple attempts are made to get to a final solution. It is a basic learning method used by every organism to learn new behaviour. Trial and error is trying a method, where people observe if it works, and if it doesn’t, they try a new method. The process is continued until a solution or success is reached.

Let’s take an example to further explain and understand this method deeper. Imagine moving an object, such as a large couch, into your house. First, you try to move it through the front door, but it gets stuck. Then you try it through the back door, but it doesn’t fit again. You then move it through double patio doors, and it fits. Here, you have used the trial-and-error method to solve the problem. The problem was that the couch was not moving through the doors, and you kept trying different methods.

The researcher of this method, who studied learning theory using a cat and a puzzle box, observed how the cat learned to escape from the box and concluded it with a trial-and-error method. This theory proposed the problem-solving technique with the understanding of trial and error. learn more about School Management System.