Types of memorization techniques

Distraction is a major issue while focusing on studying with full concentration, yet you fail due to some unavoidable noise. Minimizing or eliminating internal and external distractions is crucial to focus on the task. For this, various memorization techniques are used to reduce distractions and keep up with your focus-

·       Assigning meaningfulness to the things you are learning beneficially helps minimize distractions. For instance, you can collaborate your learning with your everyday experience to better understand the concept and avoid distractions. You might not remember what you wore 5 days ago, but you will never forget the dress you wore on prom. Thus, relating such information to your learning will help you encode it strongly. The deeper connection you can make, the stronger your will be your memory.

·       Learning the general information and leaving the specifics later can help retrieval. For instance, if you know that certain information comes from a broader perspective, you can easily access it.

·       Reciting the words louder in your own words can improve your focus if you do not need to refer to your notes.

·       Teaching the same information you learned to someone else sharpens your memory. It is the best way to revise the information.

·       Using memory devices can also help you memorize information such as acrostics, flashcards, etc.