What do you mean by a teacher’s diary?

A teacher’s diary can be defined as a diary where the teacher records what happens in a class and the outcome of the entire day. The diary is used for development purposes. In a classroom, a teacher’s diary helps start the development process with peer observation. It is an effective and useful tool to ensure purposeful and productive teaching. It is important to have a teacher’s diary for the learning process. Maintaining a teacher’s diary is also necessary, School Management System, as it showcases the difficulties in a classroom and helps formulate solutions. The benefits of a teacher’s diary can be as follows-

·       Helps in identifying various competencies about a topic

·       Helps in explaining the aims and objectives of the topic or lesson

·       Tells about the assessment techniques to assess the students

·       Helps in explaining Teaching Learning Outcome

·       Helps the teacher in keeping a record of various aspects of a class, such as meeting records, students’ records, etc.

·       Helps teachers identify various strategies for effective learning