What do you mean by Translational research?

Translational research can be defined as the process of producing meaningful and applicable results which benefit human health. Translational research aims to translate basic scientific discoveries efficiently into practice. Numerous resources are targeted to address the barriers that can curb productivity and how the translation of research can offer new healthcare advances. In simpler words, translational research-

·       Promotes and encourages multidisciplinary collaboration among the laboratory and clinical researchers

·       Support and identifies the best medical and health practices

·       Implements the desires of the public and communities by determining their needs for health innovation

The stages of translation also classify translational research it falls into. It consists of the following-

T0- Basic Science Research

T1- Translation to Humans

T2- Translation to Patients

T3- Translation to Practice and

T4- Translation to Community

The translation is the process of converting the observation of clinics, laboratories, and communities into improving the public’s health, Admission Management, while translational science refers to the field of investigation which focuses on understanding the scientific and operational principles lying under the translational process.