What do you mean by Universal Design of Learning (UDL)?

The universal design of learning (UDL) refers to a teaching approach where the focus lies on the accommodation of work based on the needs and abilities of the learners. It aims at eliminating unnecessary hurdles in the learning process. In short, UDL focuses on developing a flexible learning environment that offers information in presentable and unique ways that allow students to engage in a learning environment in a variety of ways and they are offered multiple ways while demonstrate their learning. UDL is commonly like universal instructional design and universal design for instruction. UDL incorporates universal design principles, which boosts an inclusive learning environment. Moreover, it provides students with multiple means of perceiving, comprehending, School Analytics, and expressing their learning that benefit the most to them. This encourages them to engage with the material and strengthens their skills. Besides, designing a course to accommodate a wider variety of needs eliminates the barriers to potential learning.