What is meant by methodology?

Methodology refers to a method that is used during a research project. Methodologies help through the research study, helping a person choose various ways to collect the data and aiding in the overall analysis. Researchers use different methodologies, such as qualitative, quantitative, and mixed, to make their research high-quality and effective. Besides these, more specific methods consist of self-reporting, case studies, and surveys.

During the research, the methodology is of utmost importance as it explains where the data is coming from and why you intend to do research in a particular manner. Every reader or viewer of the research, i.e., a referee, an assessing committee, or a funding agency, wants to be assured that the research is good enough and that the approach you chose answers the questions and hypothesis. While explaining the methodology, help others to understand why you are using a particular way of doing the research. Moreover, it gives confidence to other agencies as you highlight your methodology. If it is new, innovative, or plain, you should explain and justify it more so that others acknowledge what you are trying to do and say. The methodology is a piece of understanding of what you are doing, and it enables you to write about what you did or did not do and the weakness, strengths, School Management System, and limitations of your project.