What is moral education?

Moral education can be referred to as helping children and youth acquire certain beliefs and values about right and wrong. These beliefs and values help shape their attitude, intentions, and behaviours toward society and their environment. Moral education generally helps children develop a certain way of acting as per their beliefs and values. It encourages them to reflect on how they should behave and what kind of people they should become. Many people, especially in India, link their behaviour to religious beliefs. However, moral education programs intend to treat religion and morality as distinctive concepts. Moral educators believe that many youths live in a contemporary world that is becoming confusing due to exposure to factors. These factors, such as the internet, print media, television, social changes in family structure, economic values, etc., destabilize their moral values. But with moral education, a person can instil various values and beliefs at the core. Some values are honesty, discipline, gratitude, respect for others, kindness, fairness, perseverance, politeness, etc.