What is the purpose of mentoring the Yuva Scheme?

Shortened from “Young Up and Coming Versatile Authors,” or YUVA, the initiative aims to promote and encourage new writers. It’s the Prime Minister’s Mentoring Program for Up-and-Coming Writers in the Country. In line with the Prime Minister’s goal of establishing India as a Vishwa Guru, the YUVA initiative provides a fantastic launching pad for the next generation of global thought leaders via the medium of writing. One of the main goals of PM YUVA is to encourage young people to write about India’s culture and history so that they might be published internationally. The plan also aims to accomplish the following: learn more about Admission Management.

1. Expose the next generation to India’s illustrious past and diverse culture.

2. We need to train a new generation of writers to represent India abroad as its literary ambassadors of the future.

3. Develop the next generation of national leaders who can take their country to the top on the world stage.

4. Providing a forum for young Indian writers to share their work and thoughts with a worldwide audience.

5. Mentoring wannabe writers to become accomplished authors across various genres.