Why Should Schools Adopt Automated Attendance System?

Automated Attendance System

“Attention” is an inescapable component of every class or lecture! Attendance tracking is critical for a variety of reasons. As important as attendance is, it takes up a lot of class hours and doesn’t help students grow. Teachers can keep records of students’ absenteeism and punctuality by tracking student attendance.

It assists schools in understanding the average proportion of pupils who attend school every day during the school year and in finding measures to avoid dropouts. When this information is shared with government officials, it also assists them in developing measures to prevent truancy and keep children in school.

However, there are several downsides to using a manual attendance system

  • It is a lengthy procedure.
  • A large quantity of paperwork is involved.
  • It reduces traditional classroom time and instructor productivity.
  • There is also a significant chance of human error while tabulating attendance.

Students can play with the system in a variety of ways. Traditionally monitoring attendance has always been a difficult and time-consuming chore. Several techniques for tracking student attendance have been developed over the years. An Automated Attendance System is the most common of them.

What is an Automated Attendance Management System?

An automatic monitoring system is a type of academic ERP system that tracks students’ attendance in a school. Unlike traditional attendance systems, automated attendance software allows professors to collect, store, and monitor students’ attendance history while also effectively managing the classroom. The automated attendance system is intended to track students’ attendance.

Educators and students are given unique logins and passwords that may be used to mark and record daily attendance in a centralized place. A student attendance system, which is a computerized method to not only mark presence but also uncover relevant trends in order to monitor academic achievement around key considerations and contribute to student security, can save critical class time.

Attendance can be controlled in a variety of ways. Several of them are as follows:

  • Attendance tracking with a school android application
  • Attendance tracking through biometric identification
  • Radio Frequency Identification is used to track attendance (RFID).
  • Face recognition is used to track attendance (in real-time).

Every one of these attendance marking solutions saves time, decreases instructor workload, and simplifies the attendance management process. But why does your institution need to implement automated attendance management?

Purpose of an automated attendance management system

The primary goal of implementing an automated attendance monitoring system in institutions is to automate the attendance process. Aside from that, there are a few more compelling reasons to invest in automated attendance monitoring in schools.

Real-Time Attendance Tracking

An automated attendance management system aids in the real-time tracking and storage of attendance data. Aside from student and staff attendance, the system assists school administrators in keeping and tracking leave applications, arrival and departure times, lunch breaks, and staff and student vacations.

Payroll Process Automation

When payroll administration software is integrated with an attendance management system, the payroll process becomes more automated and efficient. Using the technology also decreases the possibility of payroll system mistakes. Because the biometric system estimates accurate working hours and holidays, the HR department is less likely to make mistakes while tabulating the paycheck.

Incomplete Proxy Attendance

In many institutions, especially in the upper grades, students influence attendance records by using proxies, buddy punching, or tampering with records. Because each individual’s biometric information is unique, using biometric technology with an attendance module makes it practically impossible to falsify attendance. This guarantees that attendance is correct and that there is no room for student manipulation. It also enhances the pupils’ punctuality and discipline.

Parents receive instant notification.

Schools can check attendance and absence using biometric data thanks to the connection of an automated attendance management system. This information is updated in real-time, and the programme may send automatic emails or texts to parents to tell them instantly if their child is late for class.

Enhanced School Security

Using an automated attendance management system in conjunction with biometric software guarantees that only students and personnel with valid biometric credentials are permitted to enter the school. Furthermore, the institution can notify parents about visits during class time and track them.

Automated attendance management systems have become an essential component of the digital revolution that is sweeping the globe’s schools. They are becoming increasingly popular in educational institutions due to the numerous benefits they provide to the school.

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