6 Benefits of School Transport Management Software

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School transport management software plays a very vital role in school life. It helps school administrators in managing their various programs for dropping off and picking up students safely to and from school. Administrators use this software particularly to set up bus routes, schedule and manage drivers, track the movements of buses in actual time, manage vehicle fleets, and most importantly notify parents about their child’s live location. In addition to daily pick-up routes.

School Transportation software program products can manage field trips and one-time changes to pupil schedules. These gear permit faculties to make sure their transportation applications are as secure and efficient as possible. Typically, the primary users of the School Transportation software are K-12 college administrators and bus contractors who use the software to plot bus routes.

Using those gear, faculties are capable of creating optimized bus routes in much less time, accumulating transportation usage records to tell choices about their applications, and improving communication with parents. Some School Transportation software products integrate with Student Information Systems to permit for uploading of student names and addresses.

What is school transport management software? 

It is a software program that enables managing the complete transportation offerings. But now the question arises ‘how’? The system will record the commutation info of each student so that parents and school management can view the pick-up and drop-off deets of every student.

Using this app’s tracking feature each school management and parents can monitor the live location of the school bus which gives greater transparency. Develop this fruitful app and position your transportation services amongst your competitors.

6 Benefits of School Transport Management Software

Given below are the top 6 benefits that you and your school management system

can get the benefit of:

1. Bus Fee Administration

A school transport management system successfully permits school authorities to control bus fees. The system may be used to track the fee payment of every student and issue receipts for the same with only a few clicks to avoid any future problems.

School admins can get information about which all students have remitted the fees, who hasn’t paid the fees, etc., from the transport management system itself. In this way, it will assist schools to streamline all of the financial aspects, such as the payroll of drivers.

2. Scheduling

The school transport management system permits schools to have specific pick-up and drop-off timings for each student. In addition, the software notifies parents concerning these timings to obtain their kids on time. School admins also can schedule & manipulate the timings of all school buses in just a few clicks. It makes the process extra transparent and allows schools to hold a specific schedule. So that students and teachers also can keep the right timing to enhance their productivity.

3. Auto-generated Reports

Creating and coping with Transport utilization reports manually is a time-consuming and less accurate process. A school bus management system mechanically generates consolidated reports in a few seconds. School administrators may have all of the information about drivers, vehicle utilization reports, schedules, and many more, learned at their fingertips.

These reports assist schools to preserve a healthy transport system with ease. Moreover, due to the fact, that there is no human intervention, those reports are correct.

4. Live Tracking

Another benefit of a school bus management system is real-time GPS tracking. This function permits school directors to recognize precisely where a school bus is. Parents will even get updates about the current location and path of their children’s school bus.

It allows school officials and parents to take immediate movement in case of accidents or emergencies. Furthermore, parents are notified regarding any path change or bus alternation, permitting them to attain the precise location to pick up their children on time. This particular feature allows schools to hold a healthy relationship with the parents and gain their trust.

5. Satisfaction of Parents 

One more crucial benefit of a school transport management system is connecting parents and school students while they’re on the move. It is common for each figure to have a moderate fear when they send their children to school alone. But a transport management system sends automated updates to parents’ mobile phones concerning the movement and location of their children on the school bus.

In different words, parents will understand the precise status of their child traveling to the institution and back; on the school bus. They can be notified right away in case of emergencies so that they no longer have to fear for their kid’s safety after getting them to the school bus.

6. No Paperwork

Most school transport management systems are evolved with preserving our environment in mind. The software program gives the best and green approach to managing the school transport system. The method is completely paperless because there is no need for transport fee receipts, paper notices, or notes.

School authorities can manipulate and store each fact digitally within the software. Moreover, school officials can access any essential information with just a few clicks and swipes.


Now coming toward, we have seen that the transport system plays a very important and crucial role. The transport system is an integral part of the school. So, with this comes the safety and security of children by offering transport services only are not sufficient in the present scenario where whether it is a boy or a girl is not safe at all. School officials have a keep a strict watch on the activities of their transport and also hire strong software to help them in this so that they can build a completely guarded network for their students.

The point from where the child has been picked and dropped must be under the watch of the authorities and parents only no third person without their permission can have a look or access to it. To make all of this happen smoothly and effectively, schools must choose a great transport management system that can manage the entire transport system. And for this Edutinker is the best choice for everyone. So, contact us today and know our services more personally.