Ensuring the Safety of Students with the Transport Management System

School buses

In every educational institute, student safety is considered a top priority. When selecting a school for your kids, what are the foremost checkpoints you consider or look for? Of course, you want everything perfect for your kids at school- the culture, academics, teachers, environment, activities, etc. But what is your major concern before sending your ward to school?

Earlier, parents used to send their children to nearby schools, but today, their mindset has changed as they do not mind sending their children to a school located at a distance. With the invention of the school transportation system, parents worry less about their children’s safety. But over the past few years, horrifying incidents and articles have highlighted the lack of safety standards and security in the school transportation management system. Moreover, it has also raised discomfort and distress among parents.

Transport used at schools often lacks useful measures such as a proper tracking system, which results in chances of accidents and mishaps. At this point, the transport management system comes into play which ensures the safety and security of the children traveling on the bus or any other mode of transport. Following the growing setbacks, many schools have already secured their transportation system by installing GPS in the transportation modes. Before we explore students’ safety and transportation, let’s first understand what exactly signifies a school transport management system.

School Transport Management System

The school transport management system is a crucial part of school management software. It can also be called standalone software that provides access to educational institutions to track their transport vehicles. Many institutions track their vehicles through GPS tracking and mobile phones. GPS are generally installed on buses or on the mobile phones of the bus drivers to enable the school authority to track the location while students are traveling on the buses.

School transport management systems greatly benefit teachers, school faculty, parents, children, and bus drivers. The following features of the school transportation system highlight its importance for student safety-

Transport Scheduling

With the school transportation system, schools can schedule proper routes efficiently. The school administrative team can assign new routes for the bus drivers to students’ addresses, delete routes, and assign bus drivers. When human resources undertake these tasks, the chances of error multiply. Besides, this task requires time, energy, and patience. But by delegating the transport management system, these tasks can be properly managed and taken care of in an error-free manner.

Regular Alerts to Parents

The transportation system tracks each school vehicle and keeps the parents informed about their child’s location and commute daily. Parents are provided with the remote tracking feature on their mobile devices, where they can get alerts and information ranging from delays in pick/drop to the current location of the bus.

Updated Transport Reports

School transport systems allow schools to manage the record of their transport vehicles and transport system. The reports usually consist of comprehensive data related to transport insurance, driver punctuality, driver attendance, bus identification, route mapping, etc. This ensures that any transport-related information is available in a hassle-free manner.

Benefits of School Transportation System

A school transport management system has gained immense popularity in the past few years. With every educational institution aiming to develop and evolve its facilities with modern techniques, here are the benefits a transport management system offer and ensures the safety of the children-

Efficiency in Transport Scheduling

School management uses a transport management system to schedule the routes of the bus and the driver. It keeps a systematic record of the driver’s license, profile, expiration dates, and schedules. Moreover, an effective transport system builds trust among the parents by providing updated information about their child’s safety. It also benefits schools that can easily change the schedule of the drivers. For instance, if any driver is unavailable on the day, the school administration can easily make the necessary changes. Such situations prevent delays in bus timings and keep the routine smooth.

Student Safety

How peaceful and stress-free would parents be if they could track their children’s bus routes? The transport system is equipped with GPS tracking, so parents can track and get their children’s real-time location. With live location upgradation, parents are aware of the pick/drop location and timings. Also, it helps them manage their time efficiently as working parents. These facilities ensure the safety of children by regularly sending notifications to the parents.

Improved Maintenance of Transport Facilities

School transportation systems are installed with various software that provides notifications and alerts. For example, some features send maintenance schedule reminders to the school administration to update them regarding the maintenance of the school vehicle. Moreover, they also get reminders for driver’s license renewal and insurance policy of the vehicles. Such systems offer great advantages and efficiency to the transport system of schools.

Promoting Green with Transport System

The essential component of using an automated vehicle management system is that it reduces school paperwork and promotes an eco-friendly approach. As most of the work is done on computers, schools can stop the wastage of resources. Also, students need not carry bus passes while boarding a bus as all the information is available with the driver on their cell phones.


Every educational institution can achieve these advantages, even a lot more, only by adopting a school transportation management system. Parents can also closely watch the complete details of their child’s movement from school to back home. The emerging technology has made a lot of tasks more efficient, real-time, and easier.

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