Automated Attendance

An educational ERP system that tracks students’ attendance in a school is known as automated attendance. Apart from a traditional attendance system, automated attendance software allows staff to record, maintain, and analyze students’ attendance history while also efficiently managing the classroom.

A student attendance system is an automated solution that not only marks attendance but also finds recent concepts to monitor student performance around important considerations, contributes to student security, and can save valuable class time.

Attendance can be automated in many ways, including:

• Using the school’s mobile app to track attendance

• Implementing biometric identity to track attendance

• Using Radio Frequency Identification to monitor attendance 

• Using face recognition to track attendance in real-time

All of these ways of automated attendance management save time, decrease teacher workload, and simplify the process of managing attendance.

eduTinker’s automated attendance system was created to aid the process of tracking the attendance of students. Teachers and students are given their logins and passwords, which may be used to mark and record daily attendance in a centralized system.