Autonomous Learner Meaning

Frenchman Henri Holec first used the term autonomous learner to describe a shift in education from teaching to learning. In 1981, he explained how the learners select their study technique rather than depending on any traditional learning methodology.

Autonomous learners are those people who choose to have their path for education. A particular curriculum or syllabus does not bind them. Besides, they tend to follow the best-suited path to meet their own goal. Autonomous learners are generally not guided by any teacher for study.

Their knowledge base is not restricted to a particular domain, say science, and often tend to gain maximum out of every subject they study. The main motive is not to secure a good score or top position but to be a better learner.

As technology has developed with time, we see various resources at our disposal. The study materials from the most prestigious educational institutes of the world are available over the internet, and anyone keen on learning can gain advantage of them with much ease. One can even secure various tests to check their ability in particular subjects. Education is not costly in today’s world if someone is eager to be educated. Besides, one does not have to go to school/colleges/universities to be a learner. It can all happen from the comforts of your home or any place of your interest with simple mobile or computer devices. learn more about School Management System.