Bachelor of Vocational Degree (B. Voc)

B.Voc courses are Bachelor of Vocational Degree courses available in a variety of fields for students who have successfully completed their basic education. Specific job roles and their NOSs (National Occupational Standards) are included, as well as broad-based general education. This is primarily aimed at enhancing the employability opportunities of those who want to learn, earn, and grow. 

Bachelor of Vocational Studies, also known as Bachelor of Vocation or simply BVoc, is a three-year undergraduate para-professional course for candidates who want to gain practical experience in a specific field rather than theoretical knowledge.

Because of the emphasis on skill-based education, BVoc as a course is achieving popularity in India. Vocational education, through central government programs such as Skill India, will pave the way for more job opportunities in various sectors of the economy, School Management System, particularly IT and manufacturing. Both of which are expected to grow at an exponential rate.

A wide range of colleges/universities offers B.Voc programs in a variety of disciplines. Engineering, Medicare, Arts & Science, Management, Commerce (Banking applications), Computer and its applications, and Food Management are some of the major disciplines covered by a B. Voc degree.