Branding- What does it mean?

A brand/branding is a combination of features such as a logo, design, mission statement, and a consistent theme throughout all marketing communications to convey a positive image of a business, its products, or its service.

“School Brand,” like any “brand” in typical corporate applications, refers to any phrase, logo, or emblem that distinguishes one organisation or product from another. These markings were created to show a connection to a specific school, group, organisation, trade, manufacturer, or maker.

Today’s school branding takes things a step further, identifying a school’s distinct competitive advantage. According to the Gallup Business Journal, a brand offers the student experience. Many school districts, on the other hand, create their own unique messaging, which can muddle the message. Colleges are wrestling with the notion that the message will only be effective if the entire faculty and leadership are committed to the brand promise as one voice.

Schools must also promote their brand in a way that students can relate to emotionally. People are more inclined to recall and respond to a message if they feel it. To focus on the emotional message, Brandgarten recommends adopting archetypes in branding. A school that places great importance on community service, for example, can employ the caretaker archetype to communicate its story. Throughout the school’s communications, prospective students would hear the call to service and evaluate whether it made sense for them.