Vision Statement

A public proclamation known as a vision statement, or just a vision, is used by academic institutions to articulate their long-term goals; that is, what they hope to achieve over time if they can effectively carry out their stated goals and objectives.

Aspirations, ideals, long-term objectives, and end-of-course learning outcomes are all possible components of a school’s vision statement.

There is little difference between a “vision statement” and a “mission statement.” Although some may use the phrases interchangeably or define them more broadly, educators tend to agree on the primary differences between a “mission” and a “vision.” Often, a school’s mission definition will detail the specific pledges and initiatives it believes are required to achieve the school’s vision. A school’s core mission may describe the institution’s overarching commitment to its students and the community and its broad academic and operational aims, while a vision statement may detail the ultimate goal—the change the school hopes to bring about. The school’s mission and vision statements are typically the results of collaborative efforts between the school’s administration, faculty, and staff, and the school’s kids, parents, and community members. The establishment or revision of such statements may also be required of schools as part of an accreditation process or as part of a grant-funded school improvement project. learn more about School Management System.